GEOG 6240: Large-scale Ecosystem Restoration

Taught 2009-2012 by Dr. Julian

Humans have damaged the health of ecosystems on a massive scale and are now faced with the challenge of rehabilitating these ecosystems in order to restore their integrity and sustainability.  This course examines the efforts to restore ecosystems at large scales, those that encompass multiple regions.  We focus our discussions on the scientific, sociopolitical, and economic challenges associated with restoring large systems.  Some of the restoration projects we have discussed are the Everglades, Platte River Basin, Chesapeake Bay, and Iraq marshlands. This seminar is designed for anyone with an interest in ecosystem restoration, and targets a diverse group of students, including (but not limited to) ecologists, economists, engineers, geologists, geographers, landscape architects, and those interested in international relations.  The course includes restoration site visits.


Course fieldtrip at the ecosystem restoration project ( on Ka’ena Point, Oahu, Hawaii. Professor Julian is front and center.


Field visit to a wetlands and Longleaf Pine restoration project in western Florida.