It has become abundantly clear that the complex problems associated with broad scale environmental issues cannot be addressed by individual scientific disciplines but instead should be tackled by a consortium of researchers from a variety of different fields (Reynolds et al. 2007, Wilcox et al. 2011). One of these new interdisciplinary fields that “has emerged as a fundamental component of global environmental change and sustainability research” is land change science (Turner et al. 2007). Land change science is broadly focused on observation, understanding, modeling, and assessing coupled human-environment systems in a spatial fashion with the ultimate goal to better understand and predict sustainability and mitigation (Turner et al. 2007). Thus, there is a need not only to bridge the fields of physical and biological sciences but also to incorporate the social sciences. As we work to understand increasingly complex problems such as interactive effects among climate change, land use, and water resources, this need for truly interdisciplinary science will only increase.

The Landscape Land Use Change Institute (LLUCI) is a collaboration between The University of Oklahoma and Texas State University that focuses on land system science.

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